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MICROMANUFACTURING.NET: New Manufacturing Technologies to Face the Challenge of Miniaturization.

In this website you will find very valuable information regarding the Microfabrication Technologies: tutorials, trends, expectations, real examples of applications, videos, etc.

The increasing demand of high precision products has turned the MicroEngineering as one of the most attractive fields for researchers and entrepreneurs all over the world. This is your reference website to acquire broad knowledge about the micromanufactuing techniques that currently can be found at industries and/or at research level in the fabrication of microcomponents.

Main information is given in various Master Tutorials that can be found surfing the net and you may download them prior registration on the Website. The Website is focused in the so-called MicroEngineering Technologies (other technologies apart from those related with silicon) and can be found the following:


            - Mechanical micromachining

            - Laser micromachining

            - MicroEDM

            - Microforming of metallic components

            - Microinjection of plastic components


Furthermore, you will find several application examples, videos, etc., and you will have the opportunity to contact with expert on these technologies.

MICROMANUFACTURING.NET emerges as a project cofinanced by Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación of Spanish Govermment within the prestigious National Program Proyectos cientifico-tecnológicos singulares y de carácter estratégico and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The project welcomes the participation of any partner or companies who may be interested on launching new products to the market by using these new micromanufacturing technologies (please contact our project coordinator Dr. Iván Gallego without obligation).




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